Best car floor mats

Best car floor mats

Sep 23, 2020

The car floor mats keep out the dirt and grime and enhance the aesthetic value of your car’s interior. Here are the best car mats and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Fabric mats

Fabric floor mats have a rubber base to prevent slipping and a fabric top. These are inexpensive mats and are available in universal size. There are several colour and design options. They can be easily taken out and cleaned by washing. These mats have a short shelf life and they tend to slip after some wear and tear.

Rubber mats

These mats are long lasting and durable. They are water resistant and do not slip around. You can choose the universal heavy duty rubber mats to protect your car from dirt, moisture and snow. They come in different patterns. You can choose the diamond, honeycomb or rugged ridge pattern which is best to deal with mud.

Vinyl mats

These mats are made of thick vinyl. They offer longer durability than normal rubber material. The vinyl mats have upturned edges to trap the dirt and water.

Curly mats

These are also called the nomad mats. They can be tailor made for your car.  These mats are the best for soaking up spilled liquids. They require less maintenance and cleaning as compared to other mats.

3D mats

These mats are made of polymer. They have 3D groves engraved in them to trap dust, grime and moisture. They give a premium look to the car’s interior. These mats do not skid around and there is no obstruction while driving. But they do not soak up liquid as well as the curly mats.

Tailored car mats

The tailored car mats are custom made for a particular car model. These mats provide the perfect fit. They can be made from any kind of material, be it fabric, rubber or vinyl. These mats allow full customization. You can choose any colour and trim option. These mats come in varied designs and also offer leather art. These best in class mats make the interior of the car more appealing.